Cooking Training – Pumpkin & Kale

Cooking Training

Why cooking training ?

Having Delicious and Healthy prepared meals saves you a significant amount of time, which is ideal for people who are always on the go. It will, moreover, help you stay active and enjoy nutritious balanced meals, which can help you reach and maintain your nutrition goals.

 Love the idea of a Cooking training but don’t know how you can fit it into your schedule and budget?

Our basic package of 10 hours cooking training is the best way to teach you or  your helper how to cook basic healthy recipes to make the switch to the superfoods you know should fuel your body

We’ve made stress free, by putting together 15 recipes, taught exclusively by our Executive Chef To learn the fundamental of Plant- Based cooking.

What to expect?

  • 10 Hours of Cooking Training + FREE Basic food hygiene course (This course will be done separately at this location: City Bay Business Center

Food and hygiene Course is available in English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, and Malayalan. 

  • 5 Breakfast recipes

  • 5 Main meals recipes

  • 5 Snacks recipes

  • Booklet in all the recipes

  • Creating a shopping list

  • How to read food labels

  • Learn how to organise the kitchen pantry 

After 10 hours of Cooking training sessions The trainee will be able to understand

  • Food safety basics

  • Reading the labels

  • Read a Recipe card

  • Make 15 meals 
  • Kitchen knife and equipment skills

  • Create a shopping list

  • Where to get ingredients

  • More knowledge about Plants Based & Wholefood 

Pumpkin and Kale Cooking Training Session can help you save TIME and MONEY, too. Since you'll never have to worry about what to eat, how to prepare a Healthy Meal and Snacks and where to buy right and organic ingredients.