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Kids Cooking Box

Little Pumpkins Baking Kit

Plant-Based Baking Kit

Pumpkin and Kale is a Plant Based Meal Prep service catering all across the UAEscoring only the freshest and best quality ingredients. The Little Pumpkin Baking is a creation of Pumpkin and Kale, providing you with a great opportunity to spend fun and loving time with your children. Pumpkin and Kale understand the intimate relationship of parents and child and knows how to enlighten the spark of love between this heaven-made relation.

What Do You Get In The Box?

  • All the required ingredients with accurate measurements
  • Recipe Card to simply follow the steps
  • Nutrition Flash Cards to encourage healthy eating


Everything is prepared and included in the box, so you don't have to stress about preparing the ingredients in advance. This kit is a great way to bond with your kids while teaching them the art of plant-based baking while staying on track with healthy eating goals.

Marilyne Defer, the cofounder of Pumpkin and Kale, was inspired to craft this box of perfection by her own children, who love to lend a hand in the kitchen. Her vision is to provide busy moms and home-based moms with an effortless way to train their children with top-notch culinary skills.

This box helps to educate your child about the culinary process, different flavors & aromatics, accurate food measurement, and most importantly, the art of cooking.

What's Special In These Boxes?

These boxes are entirely plant-based and include kids-friendly ingredients pre-packed in specific ratios – so you don't have to bother about the measurements. Most importantly, all the recipes are extremely easy to make!


Here's what Pumpkin and Kale Baking Kit contains (for children of 6 years & above):

  • Banana Bread: Oat flour mix, ripe bananas, oat milk, a wooden chopping board and a knife to help the baking process.
  • Apple Tart: Freshly made dough, organic apples, homemade apple compote, organic coconut oil, organic coconut sugar, a rolling pin to have fun rolling the dough.
  • Rice Stir Fry Kit: Organic wholegrain rice, broccoli, marrow, baby corn homemade hoisin sauce, a wooden spoon.
  • Pasta Kit: Homemade tomato sauce pack, organic pasta animal shape, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil a wooden spoon.

Why Do Pumpkin & Kale Focus On Encouraging Kids To Cook?

Cooking is a basic life skill that should be learned by everyone irrespective of their age and gender. When children participate in cooking with their parents, they are tempted towards finding new ways to get things done, taste new foods, and actively participate in home chores.

Additionally, cooking allows children to develop their autonomy, their self-confidence and heighten their creativity. ⁠


“The Little Pumpkin Box is not just a recreational activity; in fact it is a treasure that you and your children will reminisce for years. It helps parents like me to connect with their children and actively partake in activities so we can build memories together.”

– Marilyn Defer

Cofounder of Pumpkin & Kale