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How Shifting to a plant based lifestyle can be the best decision of your life?

The word "Plant-based" lays out the impression of feeding like a cow – only grass. But to your surprise, living a plant-based lifestyle has much than just eating greens!

Plant-based life is not only about protecting innocent animals. In fact, it is an innovative lifestyle that aims and upsurging your health while bringing a sense of peace into your life. 

A recent body of studies has shown that shifting to plant-based diets is one of the best ways to live a long and healthy life. This article will help you understand how making this shift is actually the best thing you could possibly do for the environment, your body, and your soul. 

1. The Pinnacles Of Plant-based Diet:

No doubt that plant-based lifestyle can be the biggest decision of your life, but the number of benefits that come with it cannot be overlooked. 

 Being kinder to the planet – saying NO to animal cruelty and cruelty of farming.

 Improving your health by reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol, and other health markers. 

 Having a much stable blood glucose level by eliminating highly processed meat products.

 Saving a lot of cash!

 Decreasing individual carbon footprint.

2. How To Introduce More Plant-based foods into your day?

Initially, people are hesitant because they think they will have to live merely on plants since it is a plant-based lifestyle. But always keep in mind, a plant based diet contains a diversity of food preparations. Want to know some food possibilities? There you go! Raw fruits & vegetables, seeds & nuts, monounsaturated oils, fresh salads, vegetable curries, patties, smoothies, fruit popsicles, zucchini lasagna, and noodles, vegetable soups, fruit and veggies crisps, vegetable pizza, and burgers, Tofu scramble, vegetable fritters. Besides vegetables, you can also eat bread, cereals, grains, quinoa, rice, animal-free dairy such as oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, and make tons of baked recipes using these ingredients. There is a vast variety of food choices available for every person. Hence, do not hesitate because you think a plant-based diet is limited in terms of food options. It's just a matter of your openness, and you can learn and make a million meals without mutilating animals. These options can be mixed and matched to created absolutely scrumptious meals! You try out a smoothie bowl, chia pudding, and make a beans Bolognese. Additionally, if you are craving meat there is great Meat alternative such as Beyond meat that can help you deal with your uninvited meat craving!

3. What is the difference between animal cruelty and the cruelty of farming?

Previously, we have talked about animal cruelty and the cruelty of farming. Here are some insights on these terms. When you're talking about the "Cruelty of Farming", it means the act of raising and exploiting animals for food.

 The inhuman slaughter of innocent animals

 The act of bolt stunning

 Mechanical blade slits and whatnot!

Whereas, Animal cruelty is when one person harms an animal for no reason.

 The killing or starving animals

 Depriving them of shelter, food, and water

 Using animals for laboratory experimentation and cosmetic testing

4. Health-wise, which is better for you?

Remember when your ancestors always forced you to eat your veggies and fruits? They weren't entirely living a plant-based life, but they sure did know the benefits of eating clean! In terms of your health, eating plant-based meals is the way to go! It's great for your heart as it reduces blood pressure, blood cholesterol and improves your heart health in general. Your skin becomes glowy and radiant because it gets all the essential vitamins and minerals with a clean and nutrient-dense diet. Inflammation and stress are the major causative factor for the prevalence of many diseases. The practice of eating clean and opting for a plant-based lifestyle ensures the intake of anti-oxidant-rich foods that combats inflammation and stress. Thus, reducing the risk of many chronic illnesses.


Shifting To A Plant Based Diet Is The Best Decision Of Your Life! It reduces your carbon footprint, helps save you a lot of money, makes you will feel healthier, and your environment will be much better off for it. It is a big decision, so be sure to take the time to make sure that you make the best decision for yourself. However, if you are still unsure and need some guidance on the topic, do not hestitate to drop me a line!