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Gluten free diet

Health Benefits of Gluten-Free Diet for Celiacs and Non-Celiacs

With the growing trend of following new diets, Gluten-Free Diet has gained a massive spotlight in the past years! Previously, this diet was only followed by 1% of the population with Gluten-sensitivity, but today, a significant part of the world can be seen indulged in this diet trend. 

The thing is that the diet in itself is legit. But do you need it? That's the main question!

Today we will discuss all about Celiac Disease and the health benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet for Celiacs and Non-Celiacs!

What Is Gluten, And What Are The Health Benefits Of A Gluten-Free Diet?

Gluten is a protein commonly found in wheat, rye, and barley. It mainly functions as a binder that keeps these foods intact (makes dough). The problem is that these three items are used worldwide in almost all courses. Whether it's the appetizer or the entrée, gluten is found everywhere!

Now let's see what this culprit does to your body?

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac Disease is also renowned as Gluten-Sensitive Enteropathy or Celiac Sprue. It is a hereditary condition in which your immune function is triggered by the gluten present in your food. This immune reaction alters the structure of your intestinal mucosal lining, which leads to the malabsorption of nutrients. As a result, the body fails to digest the gluten in your food leading to symptoms like;

✔ Nausea
✔ Bloating
✔ Abdominal Cramps
✔ Diarrhea
✔ Fatigue
✔  Weight loss
✔ Anemia

    The only way out of this condition is to restrict gluten-rich foods. 

    But in all honesty, it isn't that easy to curb such a staple food from your diet. That's where Pumpkin and Kale come into the scene! 

    At Pumpkin and Kale, you can order your Gluten-Free meals without any hassle or worrying about eating delicious home cooked foods. We offer a wide range of meals for individuals and families. Our meals are cooked with love and under hygienic conditions to cater to the need of the times of Covid'19.

    This article is your guide to start a successful Gluten-Free Diet by yourself. Keep reading to understand which foods are your friend and which are your foe!

    Health Benefits of Gluten Free Diet:

    gluten-free diet incorporates mostly greens, fruits, vegetables, pulses so many options options, and unprocessed items. Research claims that following a Gluten-Free Diet can eliminate the symptoms completely if done right. It also,

    ✔ Eases digestive symptom
    ✔ Reduces inflammation
    ✔ Boost energy levels.
    ✔ Eradicates brain fog
    ✔ Improved mental and physical health
    ✔ Rejuvenates skin
    ✔ Promotes weight loss

      There is a misconception that a Gluten-Free diet is only limited to people with Celiac Disease. Any person concerned about their health and wellness who wants to increase their life expectancy can hop onto this journey.

      So what are you waiting for?

      Say Goodbye To Gluten-Free Foods!  

      Keep in mind that you have to restrict MOST gluten-free foods but not all. 

      • Whether white, wheat, rye, or marble, all sorts of bread should be eliminated. Bagels, croissants, muffins, buns, and even pizza are not permitted. But you can still enjoy your bread if it is made of rice or potato flour since they do not contain gluten. They are also easily available in the supermarkets. If not, place your order now and get your weekly meal plans today!
      • Breakfast cereals containing wheat, rye, barley are restricted. Oats can be consumed as they are naturally free of gluten. But there are still chances to become symptomatic because they can get contaminated with wheat, even the processed ones. So it's better to check labels saying "100% gluten-free" before buying it. A great alternative is rice or corn-based cereals.
      • Any type of pasta is prohibited because most of them is made of wheat. Avoid macaroni, shells, spaghetti, spirals made of gluten components. But hey! You can still go for pasta options made of rice, quinoa, or corn.
      • Here is a detailed list of foods from the Celiac Disease Foundation that contains Gluten.
      • There are so many other foods like crackers, cookies, cakes, alcohol, etc., containing gluten. In comparison, foods like pulses, fruits, and vegetables are a thousand miles away from Gluten. 
      • If you are a Celiac, make sure to check for "100% Gluten-Free" labels on packaged foods.

      If keeping track of all these foods is difficult for you, feel free to reach out at Pumpkin And Kale. Make your life easy with homemade tasty, and nutritious meals!