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Our Story

Marilyne Defer, Founder and Owner of Pumpkin and Kale

Born and raised in France, Marilyne has worked her entire career in hospitality and catering.

Starting from her early career working as a waitress in Paris Marilyne moved to London in 2001 where her career saw her working in various roles in the hospitality sector; waitress, mixologist, bar manager, events organizer. For a period of 10 years Marilyne worked with some of the most trendy and high profile restaurants & hotels  in London including Shoreditch House,  Soho House & Mandarin oriental

In 2015 Marilyne moved to UAE with her family and dedicated herself to mastering her skills in cooking, creating recipes and also hosting workshops and cooking classes to share her knowledge about Raw Plant-Based food

In 2018 Marilyne founded Pumpkin and Kale, to deliver meal plans specially tailored to each client’s needs.

Many items are made from scratch, from the almond cheese to coconut yoghurts, our granola, raw crackers and kale chips are dehydrated, Marilyne as the chef make sure that she delivers only quality meals

All pulses, grains, nuts and seeds are soaked for few hours, as they  contain a protective layering called Phytic Acid that works wonders until they are growing. However, this protective layer can hinder your digestive capability (You can check the full article on why soaking nuts and seeds here:      )


Our team

Helen McLeod Dodd

Helen is a UK qualified dietitian and nutritionist (MSc Dietetics from Glasgow Caledonian University). Plant based diets and behaviour change are among her specialist areas along with improving school food menus and nutrition. She has worked in the NHS and local government in the UK where her research in these areas has been published. In the UAE she has enjoyed working as a private consultant for individuals and companies for 4 years.